There is a lot to say about Creme yet very little needs to be said.

Creme is... coffee food living. That’s what we’re all about. We want you to savour our coffee, love our food, not only live life but enjoy living.

That was and still is our philosophy when we first opened our doors in Altona 10 years ago. There was nothing quite like the Creme experience around.

Creme has a comfortable atmosphere where you can catch up for a coffee, start your day with a fresh breakfast, and enjoy a relaxed lunch or dinner with friends.


Open 7 days a week

O U R  M E N U ' S

BREAKFAST                 LUNCH/DINNER       


Creme Port Melbourne

Ph 9646 9994 Fax 9646 9994

70 Bay st Port Melbourne

email: portmelbourne@cremecafe.com.au

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Creme Altona

Ph 9315 0000 Fax 9315 0044

60 Pier St Altona

email : altona@cremecafe.com.au

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Creme Essendon 

Ph 9379 2227 Fax 9379 9937

2 Keilor Rd Essendon

email : essendon@cremecafe.com.au

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